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Commercial Solar Power

Switch to Commercial Solar, increase sustainability, reduce your reliance on the grid and cut operating costs by up to 40%

Commercial Solar

Humenergy works with Australian businesses to deliver smart, tailored commercial solar systems that will immediately lower your energy bills. Whether you own or lease your business premises, our greener, lower cost solar solutions will help drive significant savings through reduced reliance on the grid and the use of your own clean, reliable energy source.

We provide commercial solar solutions for owners and tenants, enabling you to take control of your energy and operating costs while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, rather than just building and installing your commercial solar system, we are also proud to bring you a long-term relationship with our dedicated energy specialists, working and collaborating with you to keep reducing your energy costs and increasing sustainability both now and in the future.

Zero Capital Cost Solutions

At Humenergy, we are proud to operate under a Solar Performance Agreement. This means that as a building owner or tenant, you can receive a tailored solar solution at zero capital cost! Secure low cost solar with no capital outlay and immediate cash flow benefits, enabling you to benefit from solar energy today without the upfront costs.

We understand that the immediate expenses that come with installing solar are often what prevent businesses from making the switch. With so many competing objectives for time and money resources, energy solutions are not typically prioritised. But with Humenergy and our innovative agreement, you can enjoy a no-hassle, custom designed solar system that can save you 10-30% on your energy bill – immediately.

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Our hybrid solar energy solutions are designed to bring together the convenience of a grid connected system with the added peace of mind of a battery backup. Combining the best of both a grid connected and off-grid system, hybrid solar systems allow you to store the energy generated during the day to use at night or when sunshine is limited, instead of feeding it back into the grid.

These sophisticated solar systems mean you’ll always have a reliable store of excess energy, ready for use. Whether you need an emergency backup power supply during a blackout, want to save more money by limiting grid usage during high tariff periods or want to reduce your grid reliance with the maximum amount of available solar energy, hybrid systems make it all possible.

Humenergy provides end-to-end hybrid solar systems from initial design right through to construction, combining quality workmanship with premium products and reliable, local support.


Humenergy also provides optimised standalone solar power solutions to help you take control of your power, eliminate dependence on the grid and become energy self-sufficient. Whether it’s your remote location or a lifestyle choice, standalone or off-grid solar systems will increase sustainability, create significant savings and benefit the environment through reduced noise and air pollution.

The Benefits
  • Unique and tailored standalone system that suits your needs, energy consumption and geographic location.
  • Experienced energy specialists are committed to developing long-term working relationships with you,
  • Continuously finding new ways to optimise your energy system and reduce costs, year after year.

About Humenergy

Humenergy is a customer-focused energy specialist, our innovative services platform provides, end-to-end energy solutions. We have partnered with many Australian businesses to provide low-cost energy systems that drive continuous savings and improved sustainability through projects designed to meet your goals.

As a specialist commercial solar provider, we are committed to being a part of the solution for a cleaner, greener future by making it possible for more businesses and properties to harness the sun’s powerful energy and reduce their reliance on the grid. Our process is clear, transparent and designed to deliver real value – no matter your objective.

Whether you want to achieve higher financial returns, meet a sustainability target or maximise solar power yields, we’ll work with you to make it happen. Partner with Humenergy today to get started.

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