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CASE STUDY: 77.67 kW Commercial Solar Install set to reduce operating costs ~24%

Humenergy is a commercial and industrial energy specialist, with over 30 years of combined experience across the energy supply chain. Humenergy specialises in Commercial Solar, energy monitoring, energy audits, and financing energy projects with innovative performance based contracts.
Our staff have significant experience in large corporate organisations and working on world-leading renewable energy projects.

Humenergy pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, using market leading equipment, installing aesthetically pleasing commercial solar systems for local businesses, that deliver continuous results. The Humenergy team are dedicated engineering specialists who work to ensure you receive a tailored system that suits your business needs now and well into the future.

Installed in September 2019, this is our second commercial install for this engineering company. The savings from their first install has allowed them to invest into this Commercial Solar project. This investment is expected to reduce our clients annual site bill by over $14,000, delivering over $260,000 savings in the next 15 years.

77.76 kW Commercial Solar Performance Agreement
  • High-quality, performance focused installation
  • 192 x 405W Sunpower Panels installed
  • 3 x 20kW Fronius Symo Invertor
  • Online Performance monitoring via Fronius portal
Expected Benefits
  • Drastically reduced energy costs by 24% per annum
  • Receiving feed-in rate from the solar exported into the grid
  • Control over energy costs, providing the opportunity to reinvest savings into smarter, cleaner solutions across the business.
  • This system has a ROI ~18%
The Humenergy difference

Humenergy works with Australian businesses and Strata Communities to deliver smart, tailored solar power systems that will immediately lower energy usage. Our clean solar solutions will help drive significant savings through reduced reliance on the grid with the use of your own clean, reliable energy source. Each install is tailored to the customers current and future needs, providing you the best outcome for years to come. The installation of commercial solar systems will help reduce reliance on the grid. Helping Australia become a global leader in Solar energy.

Providing a smarter, cleaner future.

Imagine what we could do for you.

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