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Energy Procurement

Humenergy provides highly competitive procurement outcomes for strategic, low cost energy solutions.

Competitive Tendering for Electricity and Gas

At Humenergy, we work to optimise and give you control over your energy contract through intelligent and strategic tendering for electricity and gas resulting in large energy savings. Focused on reducing your costs, mitigating your risks and empowering you to make informed, strategic decisions, we enable you to capitalise on smart energy opportunities as they become available, providing you with transparent energy management.

We work independently and transparently as your energy broker, offering insights, recommendations and strategies that are always in your best interests to ensure you’re not paying any more than you have to.

Our expert energy procurement services cover the management of the entire request-for-tender process, including the release of tender documents to market, ensuring documentation and supporting information is accurate and relevant, and evaluating and managing all energy retailers’ responses in line with your objectives.

Backed by our industry-leading expertise and thorough operational processes, we can also negotiate your commercial utility contracts to deliver optimal solutions for your specific energy requirements and drive costs down.

Energy Market Reviews and Insights

Better understand the energy market and where you stand within it with Humenergy. We expertly review and analyse portfolios to ensure every opportunity is maximised while delivering tailored recommendations and strategies to help you get the most out of energy management.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise together with ongoing independent market intelligence, we will make the energy market easy to understand as well as help you know how future energy prices and market dynamics will affect you, and understand the best times and methods to negotiate new contracts.

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Energy Strategy Advice

Develop and implement an optimal energy strategy that delivers sustainability improvements and ongoing cost savings with the help of Humenergy. We work with you to understand your specific energy needs, key  objectives, existing processes and internal resources to help you take on the smartest, cleanest and most cost-effective energy solution.

Our specialist, tailored energy procurement advice is based on an extensive range of data and detailed analysis, enabling you to understand the finer details of your energy strategy including purchasing strategies, contract formats, contract timing and duration.

At Humenergy, our focus is on providing you with  transparent energy solutions, removing the hassle and confusion that comes along with it.

About Humenergy

Humenergy is proud to partner with a diverse range of clients to deliver low cost, commercial and industrial energy projects with a particular focus on tailored renewable energy solutions that drive down ongoing costs as well as reduce your impact on the environment.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to understand their specific energy needs, and then developing and implementing clean energy solutions that enable your business to make compounding savings year after year. From commercial businesses and strata companies to regional councils and government organisations, Humenergy has proudly been behind significant energy upgrades for a wide and varied client base.

Our specialisation in competitive tendering, energy procurement and strategy means you could reduce your ongoing energy costs by up to 50% simply by starting out with the right contract.