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Energy Consulting and Advisory

Delivering Expert Knowledge, Helping You Reduce Your Energy Usage

Energy Audits

Our team of experienced engineering specialists work with Australian businesses and government organisations to help you better understand your energy costs and usage with our comprehensive energy consulting audits. These are designed to provide you with expert knowledge and trending insights, that you need to make smarter energy decisions. We also provide professional energy monitoring and data analysis to identify areas that require improvement to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our goal is to help businesses reduce their electricity costs and increase sustainability.

We are proud to have helped many businesses and strata communities make positive changes to their model and processes, allowing them to optimise their energy use and costs. We provided detailed reviews of your business concept together with market analysis, including technical and economic modelling to determine areas of improvement. Then we develop your business case based on the latest insights and in-depth analysis, delivering the strongest possible solution.

Project Delivery

We break down the energy market metrics, to make them transparent and easy to digest. We work for everyday business owner, who doesn’t have the time to grasp how the market works and where to position yourself within it. We provide comprehensive assessments of new technologies and business models that will optimise your energy strategy and give you more control over your costs. As experienced energy consultants, we can also identify market opportunities and disruptions that could be used to your advantage, driving smarter solutions and ongoing cost savings as your business grows.

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Feasibility Studies

Our focus is on the delivery of cost-effective, tailored renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and to support this, we specialise in feasibility studies and assessments to ensure the plan is not only viable but will deliver the results you want.

We can provide expert energy consulting for renewable energy projects as well as concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for renewable and energy efficiency projects.


We draw on our extensive network and expertise to provide strategic advice and assistance with project financing, enabling you to achieve your energy outcomes in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

From the initial project finance modelling to a comprehensive assessment of your finance options including grant funding and certificate schemes, we have the in-depth, market-specific knowledge and experience to source the most relevant and economical solutions for your energy project.

We can also assist with the process of applying for grant funding, helping you put together a proposal that meets all the necessary requirements to give you the best possible chance for approval. Working closely with you from beginning to end, we will help you secure finance that meets your business objectives, budget and expectations.

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Market and Technology Assessment

Ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery with Humenergy. We take on the critical Owner’s Engineer role to supplement essential resources and expertise, make sure your project specifications are adhered to and maintain quality assurance throughout its development.

We can provide contracting and procurement strategies that enable you to meet your objectives, manage risk and keep costs down. We make our professional project and contract management services available for the duration of your project, keeping you informed and up-to-date every step of the way, so you always know where you stand.

Our project delivery method is innovative and transparent, refined by our market-leading expertise and experience to save you up to 10-15% on normal project costs.