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CASE STUDY: 13.2kW System with performance monitoring

Hum is a specialist energy and commercial solar provider putting people, innovation, and value sharing at our core.
Drawing on decades of experience paired with a modern approach, we can deliver strategic and innovative solutions that power better lives and better businesses by creating better financial returns and value add.

Hum delivers innovative energy solutions with a focus on people, value sharing, and continuous performance. We let our service and product speak for itself. With our decades of experience from small business needs to the large corporate organisation, in addition to working on world-leading renewable energy projects. Our passion is evident in everything we do.

Humenergy pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, using market-leading equipment, installing aesthetically pleasing commercial solar systems for local businesses. The Hum team are dedicated energy specialists who work to ensure you receive a tailored system that suits your business needs now and well into the future.

13.2 kW Commercial Solar Performance Agreement
  • High-quality, performance-focused installation
  • 40 x 330W Phono Solar Panels installed
  • 2 x 5kW Fronius Primo Inverter
  • Online Performance monitoring via Fronius portal
Expected Benefits
  • Drastically reduced energy costs by ~$3,500 p/annum
  • Receiving feed-in rate from the solar exported into the grid
  • Expected solar export of 40%
  • Control over energy costs, providing the opportunity to reinvest savings into smarter, cleaner solutions across the business.
  • This system has a ROI ~34%
The Hum difference

Whether you are a body corporate, commercial landlord, business owner, or developer, in the hands of your Hum partner, you can be assured every aspect of your energy and utilities supply chain s covered by a full-spectrum solution.
Personally and expertly tailored for you.


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Brooke Watson

Business Manager at Humenergy BBus Mgmt & Mkt

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